Keys to developing your personal brand on the Internet

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Keys to developing your personal brand on the Internet

It seems obvious what the concept encompasses but, let’s summarize it, what is personal brand? What is its definition? The personal brand is the professional image that others perceive of us as entrepreneurs, businessmen, freelancers, consultants or professionals of any union or sector.

Google had embodied personal branding and branding in SEO.

It is important to build, transmit and protect it to be successful in our work and personal lives. But above all in the professional field, to make our activity and performance as profitable as possible.

Why invest in creating our personal brand?

It is advisable to excel to take advantage of the job opportunities that present themselves. And having a well-developed and consolidated personal brand will make you stand out as a professional in your sector.

The curriculum vitae adds, but over time it has lost much of its value. Companies and human resources departments search the Internet for information on potential candidates to fill the best positions. And also to order jobs or make collaborations.

Those who stand out have more possibilities when they have to fill well-paid positions, or carry out projects in which good results are expected. Developing a personal brand means that you not only have to be professional, but also look like it. And those who do, have by far more chances of receiving a variety of offers to choose the one that suits them best. You will go from the concept of “looking for work” to offering your services to the highest bidder and where you are most interested in doing them.

How do we build it?

Personal branding or personal branding emerged in 1997 as a technique to obtain work within the publication “The Brand Called You” by Tom Peters. That is, as the construction and management of our personal brand. A set of strategies, techniques and activities, many of them in the context of online marketing.

What you should know about personal branding

  • It is a process that takes time, you cannot think of creating it in the blink of an eye.
  • It is not just your name, it is the reputation and prestige behind it that you also have to take care of.
  • It is not easy, you must be a constant and productive person, systematize your activities, organize yourself and avoid postponements. You know, don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.
  • You can do it yourself if you know the basic techniques and proper tools.

Advantages of investing in our personal brand

  • We can all create our personal brand.
  • It allows you to make yourself known, gain recognition in your sector …
  • Position yourself as an expert in the minds of your clients.
  • Manage your professional profile as a brand.
  • Attract more potential customers and retain them.
  • It favors the differentiation of the professional over their competition.
  • You can build your personal brand, and simultaneously promote and advertise your products and services.
  • Expand your circle of expert contacts in your sector.
  • New business opportunities open up.
  • You get more remuneration for your work.

Aspects to take into account to create your personal brand

  • Who are you? What differentiates you from others? Where do you stand out?
  • What do you want? Where do you want to go?
  • Who can help you achieve it?

Plan the actions to follow

Seek maximum visibility using all the media, channels and tools at your fingertips. It is very convenient to resort to the advice of digital marketing professionals who will help you without a doubt. Still we give you a battery of tips that influence how to create a personal brand.
Physical appearance and professional presence

It is clear that the perception we project must be supported by an adequate professional image.

In your free time you can dress as you want, but you must show your clients in a way worthy of earning their trust (appropriate clothing, correct size, clothes in good condition, etc.) People take time to talk to someone unpleasant in the deal again, and therefore the first impression is very important.

Take care of your physical appearance and personal hygiene (hair, teeth, nails, etc.). You never know when you can appear in photos or videos when attending offline events that can be published on online channels.

Non-verbal communication and behavior

  • Be kind in your dealings with others and in the online environment (smile, say hello, be punctual, keep your commitments).
  • Be a polite and respectful person, even when you think they don’t deserve it, be tolerant.
    Take care of what you write or say
  • Remember that everything you say or write on the Internet has an impact, positively or negatively, and does not disappear.
  • Take care of your spelling and writing, adapt your messages to a previously defined target audience.
  • Do not use capital letters, on the Internet it is equivalent to SHOUTING.

Broadcast on the Internet

Web 2.0 is a key tool for the development of personal branding. It is interactive, any person, company or organization can publish criticisms, recommendations, reviews, share what others publish, etc.

Using the Internet helps us, but it also commits us to being available for more time and for more people. In addition, this does not mean that it will bring us customers or increase our sales: you have to know how to use it.

Create relevant content that positions you in the mind of the consumer, always posed positively.

Interact with your target audience, with this you reinforce your visibility, positioning and reputation.
Social networks

Having a well-attended and cared for profile on social networks enhances the visibility of your personal brand.

You will need to develop an effective social media strategy. Do not try to participate in all, they consume too much time, select two or three that suit your professional sector.

Put all the information, profile photo with professional attire, address, telephone number, specialty, etc. Think of it as much more than an interactive resume.

Take care of your publications, do not participate in disputes. Respond to comments in a friendly and courteous manner.

Share content periodically, of interest to your audience, but without overwhelming it with advertising.

You should show your professional profile on at least one of the following platforms: LinkedIn, Xing or Viadeo (choose the most appropriate according to your location).
Weave a network of contacts

Create links with key people within your professional field, who can serve as a guide, help you in resolving conflicts and with whom you can exchange information and experiences.
Evaluation of results and readjustment of the action plan

In personal branding, it is necessary to resort to web analytics to periodically evaluate the results of our actions. Verify that they are on the correct course and make the pertinent corrections to achieve our goals, reaching small objectives along the way.


If you want to develop your personal brand on the Internet, you must provide yourself with the appropriate resources. Like a web page with an integrated professional blog in which you can publish about your sector or professional activity.

Create accounts on the most appropriate social networks to spread your content on them. And above all, organize yourself to maintain coherence between your work or professional life and your online presence in a recognizable way.

Planning, good work and perseverance are the necessary ingredients to achieve success. But don’t forget that the results will always depend on the contacts you make along the way. Thanks to them, in addition to receiving higher income, you will acquire a much more complete vision within your guild.

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