7 ways to make your smartphone smarter

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Smartphones – θήκες κινητών – are becoming more and more powerful, in the last six months for example we have seen phones with top processors and have 4GB of memory. They can also record videos in HD, have AMOLED screens and more and more easy-to-use applications are available daily. But the question is, which smartphones become smarter?

Do not get it wrong but there are plenty of examples from companies today that show signs of improvement. But the point is to see applications that can really take advantage of the power offered by the processors of a smartphone.

1. Battery meter that really knows when the Smartphone will shut down

All smartphones can perform many processes at the same time, and they can also do even more checks at the same time, so we are not particularly surprised that many batteries die faster than expected.

Many manufacturers try to do their best and inform you through some applications, for example with a message that an application has stuck, but we would like to see a better information system that will check the battery meticulously. In other words, we would like something similar to the battery system that exists in laptops.

2. Smartphone with smart alarm based on voice

When you are ready to go to bed then the last thing you want to do is enter the mobile menu, play with the settings and set your alarm for the next morning. Wouldn’t it be great if you just pressed a button and said “wake up tomorrow at 7:00 am”? and the mobile was automatically adjusted only with your voice. And let’s take it one step further.

That is, even if you programmed it with your voice but also in the alarm clock to play your favorite music or even to have the latest news loaded on his desktop. All this only with the use of your voice. Of course, it would be even better when in the morning the smartphone rang to wake you up and you answered “Leave me”. And then it rings again 5 minutes later!

3. Your favorite song without touching the smartphone screen

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. It would not be smart if while you were running, you just said to the microphone of your mobile the folder you want to listen to and the mobile just executes your command and all this without having to stop and without having to touch the screen.

4. More personal stores for smartphones applications

Amazon already does, why can’t Apple, Android and Blackberry? Today when you visit these Eshops they will welcome you with exactly the same screen that welcomes all visitors. It would not be better if the welcome screen was more personal and displayed, for example, the downloads you have made or even display programs related to those you have already downloaded. We would prefer to see which ones my friends have also downloaded (via Facebook, for example) and so each store would become more personal and unique for each user.

5. Home screens on the smartphone

One of the first things I do when trying out a SmartPhone with Android is dragging the shortcuts to the home screen for the apps I use most often. In Apple iOs the applications are displayed alphabetically so it is easy to organize them by folders. So I wish there were apps that would automatically place a shortcut on the home screen of my mobile and not have to go deep into the menu every time and place them myself.

6. What you lost yesterday on TV you can see on your Smartphone today

I do not know if you agree but the TV becomes what sucks day by day. But there are some shows or series that you do not want to miss with anything. For example, last week two of my favorite programs were playing at the same time and I had to set up the DVR to not lose any. Wouldn’t it be better if the smart phone could automatically tune in to my DVR? That is, through a wireless network and to be able to watch my favorite show at any time I wanted.

7. Smarter design of applications

From the moment the inches of the screen grew then it would be perfect if we could, for example, be in an application such as ads while at the same time at one end of the screen we had our inboxes and at the other we had the calendar, imagine it, maybe so would we get rid of the constant switching between applications? These are some of our ideas, how smart would you like your smartphone to be?

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