7 reasons why women choose a younger man

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7 reasons why women choose a younger man

What are the real “causes” that lead more and more women to have a relationship with a younger partner?
Whether you have done or are in a relationship with a younger man or you are on the other end and you wonder how other women or escorts Athens can and do choose a younger man, the following “causes” may shed light on this… issue.

1. To rediscover a piece of their younger self

It often happens that a woman shows the younger man her own childhood characteristics, which did not receive enough care, were not loved enough by her own parents.

She expresses feelings of care and love that she was deprived of. Seeing her partner, she can see herself at another age.

In this case, these feelings may coexist with unconscious jealousy and a desire to return to a younger age. As the woman realizes that she can no longer be transferred to her, she does so through a relationship with a younger man, “borrows” from his youth and at the same time takes care of the lost youthful parts of herself through her partner.

2. To save time, to stay young, to live a more carefree life

We have already mentioned jealousy for the other’s youth. Sometimes, this is the determining factor in a woman’s “choice”.

If she is not reconciled with her image, with the fact that she has grown up – and this usually happens precisely because she has not grown up in a way that satisfies her – she will look to a younger man for the “elixir” to stay young, to find naivety, lightness, childishness, care-freeness.

The same goes for the erotic part of the relationship: a younger man may be able to offer the woman a “younger character” love life.

3. Why they see the youngest man as a “trophy” and proof of their success and social prestige

It is a “narcissistic” relationship, when the woman treats the young man as a “trophy” through which she demonstrates her power. In fact, it is a “trophy” in the collection that usually includes a career, fortune, facelift and much more. The woman’s need for confirmation through a relationship with a younger man has probably begun with a sense of inner emptiness, which she needs “trophies” to fill.

In essence, what he is trying to show outwardly is attributed to the phrase: “Look at what I have, what I rule… So, I deserve it”. It is possible that such a woman herself in her early years was treated by one of her parents as a “narcissistic” object, an extension of it, which aims to serve his own needs and not to experience himself as a separate person.

Having, therefore, been a “trophy” for the psyche of a parent, such a woman, identifying with her parent and not knowing any other way to relate, will choose a corresponding “trophy” to rule and through which to draw a sense of personal fulfilment.

Of course in such a relationship, when the woman sees in the man only a “means” to vent some of her feelings, there can be no real connection: from the beginning she is doomed to have no duration and lead nowhere or to during which it intensifies instead of healing the wounds of creeping pathology.

When a woman “works” in a similar way, with mathematical precision she will “fall” to a man who will also treat the relationship somewhat similarly, lack of respect and seriousness.

In these relationships, people connect with each other as objects, extensions of themselves to each other, resulting in the loss of any possibility of a mentally healthy connection.

4. To impose and express their despotic character

How difficult is it for a woman to “command” a man her age or older? Can it be more easily imposed on a younger man?

The truth is that this particular “scenario” of a relationship can develop between people of all ages and depends on the character of each. There are many cases where a younger woman has the “upper hand” being in a relationship or marriage with an older man.

We could say that a woman who wants to impose herself in a relationship could look for a younger man believing that it will be imposed on him more easily, without this being necessary.

At the same time, however, the general rule applies that the expression of power or domination is not related to ages, but to the characters of people.

5. Because they have experienced a latent or unfulfilled relationship with a younger brother or friend in the past

It is a common phenomenon for a woman to manifest one through such a relationship latent eroticism she felt in the past for a younger brother of hers. A brother who was much loved, who was idealized in the mind of the woman when she was a child and herself, but who either did not give her enough importance and love or was lost untimely.

Such an experience, which may involve a child-friendly person, can indeed “stigmatize” subsequent choices in her adult relationships.

6. Because as a girl or as an adult they had such “samples” from their own mother

Mom is a powerful role model for a growing girl. If, however, it is a mother who tries to create in the daughter a specific image of the man with whom she will have a relationship or whom she will marry, this can have a decisive influence on her choices when she grows up.

If, then, the mother places particular emphasis on the appearance and age of the man, referring to her personal experiences, negative or positive – “he must be a doll, he must be young”, “look, I who got married the older I am”, “I was happy next to a younger man, make sure you do the same” etc. -, can, with all this, influence the choice of the daughter.

Growing up the woman will imitate a situation. If her mother had an affair or marriage with a younger man, or will try to avoid the “mistake” of her mother who married or had a relationship with an older man.

7. Because they do not want to become mothers

Such a serious existential choice, i.e. the decision of the woman not to experience motherhood, is almost always related to her general perception of age. The fact that she is getting older and that one day she will inevitably die.

When a woman tries to give up the years and does not want to grow up, she is often led to a child free attitude. In such a case, indeed, it is more difficult to form a relationship with a man her age or older, who will probably want to have offspring.

On the contrary, choosing a younger partner who has not yet reached the age of contemplation of paternity, while she is on the verge of infertility or menopause, can more easily deny age and escorts, the passage of time and ultimately motherhood.

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