1945: Strike Paralyzes Argentina – The New York Times

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1945: Strike Paralyzes Argentina - The New York Times

Credit history…Intercontinental Herald Tribune

Specific to The European Edition

BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 19. — Firmly in control of the Argentine govt, Colonel Juan D. Peron been given a tribute yesterday from region partisans in the form of a 20-four-hour strike, the worst in Argentine background, which paralyzed the usual daily life of just about the whole nation.

All factories, workplaces, banking institutions, theaters, restaurants, outlets and other professional institutions were shut tight in this article and in other Argentine cities yesterday and railways, buses and taxis were at a standstill. The strike surpassed these of 1919 and 1936, which ended up made to market the lead to of labor and have been opposed by the federal government. In distinction, this strike was political and was supported by the authorities and the police.

An antigovernment political strike was staged by the democratic opposition on September 19, but this endured only for half a working day and was only partly productive.

Fear of Reprisals Cited

The most amazing success of the latest nationwide strike was attributed in labor circles not only to Colonel Peron’s energy but to the overall paralysis of transportation, and to dread among the the inhabitants of violent response if any a single defied the get to assistance the strike.

The get was issued by the Typical Federation of Labor. It instructed all personnel to suspend pursuits for 20-4 hrs “to show the thoughts of the performing class relating to the fantastic instant in which the nation is dwelling.”

The purchase was supported by Colonel Peron, who spoke from the government setting up balcony at midnight Wednesday and advised the staff to assistance the strike by celebrating the “glory” of their reunion at a mass demonstration.

Close in Self-Defense

Most merchants shut their retailers in self-protection, knowledgeable of what happened Wednesday to all those who failed to do so in La Plata and suburbs of the capital. In these areas, armed bands of “Peronistas,” supported by the law enforcement, stoned and threatened establishments which refused to be a part of their strike. The authorities newspaper “Critica” spurred an attack manufactured with gunfire and flaming torches. The assault started at 1:20 a.m. and lasted almost two several hours.

Violence also occurred yesterday at the municipal fruit and vegetable industry, where Peron supporters attacked individuals who desired to proceed performing. Six were reported killed and forty wounded. Peron guys paraded by way of the deserted streets in teams of many hundred, shouting the identify of their leader. They announced that Colonel Peron would be President, and they painted his name on sidewalks, streets, structures and shop windows.

Colonel Peron departed yesterday for a holiday in the territory of Chubut, in southern Argentina, prior to opening his marketing campaign. He remaining the federal government in the palms of President Edelmiro Farrell, whom he publicly embraced 2 times at a demonstration Wednesday night.

— The New York Herald Tribune, European Edition, October 20, 1945.

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